(Last updated November 15, 2018)

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November 15, 2018

Applications and payment forms, necessary to credential to take the 2018 ABVO examinations, are now available. A completed application form and separate payment form for $100 are both required to be submitted by January 15, 2019, Midnight MT. Review the steps and access the form links on this page. Contact the ABVO with any questions.


November 5, 2018

The ABVO Examination Committee has updated the ‘Instructions for the Examination’ for 2019. These are now available for candidate review. Please note that changes have been made to the suggested reading list, of which candidates will need to make note.

September 28 , 2018

ABVO's 2018 Credentialing report is now available for review.

September 17 , 2018

ABVO Mentors/Chairs Meeting Agenda

Review the ABVO Mentor/Chair meeting agenda now.

August 7, 2018
2018 New Diplomates

Check out the list of New Diplomates for 2018.


June 22 , 2018
Instructions to Candidates for Exams

Updated “Instructions to Candidates” for the examination were posted. Review this document.


June 21 , 2018
Maintenance of Certification Reminder

The Maintenance of Certification Committee reminds everyone to submit their MOC form if they wish to be considered for the optional certification review and update. Those who submit this form by July 1st, should receive notice of final decision by mid-October. Those who meet requirements will be provided a seal that may be used for promotion for five years. More information on MOC process.


May 1, 2018
ABVO Call for Board Nominations

Dear ACVO Diplomates,
Nominations are sought for one position on the American Board of Veterinary Ophthalmology (ABVO) that will become open upon the completion of Dr. Ian Herring’s term, fall 2018. Continuing ABVO members (and their term completion dates) include, (Dr. Ellison Bentley (2020), Dr. Mike Davidson (2019), Dr. Robert Munger (2021) and Mr. Douglas Jack (Public Member, 2019). ABVO Member terms are for four years, and persons may serve no more than two consecutive terms.
Any ACVO Diplomate may nominate an ACVO Member to serve on the ABVO; members may also self-nominate.  However, it is strongly recommended that ACVO Members seeking to become a member of the ABVO have served on at least one of the Credentials, Residency, Examination, or Maintenance of Certification Committees. If elected, all board members must also be willing to serve one term as Chair.
Although the term of office does not officially begin until immediately after the fall 2018 meeting, the individual elected is expected to attend the fall 2018 ABVO Meeting (held in conjunction with the ACVO annual conference) in a non-voting “apprentice” capacity.  
If you are seeking to make a nomination of another ACVO Member please contact that individual first to be certain they are willing to serve. If they accept, forward the name(s) and acceptance to the ABVO office via email. Staff will reach out to the nominee to explain the obligation and/or to help answer any questions. At that time the below information will be requested.

Nominees are required to provide a photograph, concise (bullet-point) biography emphasizing their past ACVO/ABVO experience, and a brief statement (200 words or less) indicating their reasons for seeking to serve on the Board. Complete nominations must be received electronically by the ABVO/ACVO office no later than midnight (Mountain Time), May 31, 2018 (please submit them by the 25th to allow adequate time to post and format).  The election will take place electronically during the month of June, 2018, and results will be posted on the ABVO website by July 1, 2018. 
The ABVO encourages all ACVO Members to take part in the election process. If you have questions about the nomination or election process you are encouraged to contact either the ABVO/ACVO office or any of the current ABVO Members.
The American Board of Veterinary Ophthalmology

Dr. Ellison Bentley (Chair)
Dr. Ian Herring
Dr. Mike Davidson
Dr. Robert Munger
Mr. Douglas Jack (Public Member)

January 15, 2018

ABVO Certifying Examination Application

The application documents are now closed for 2018 examination candidates. Forms were due by end of day, January 15th.

November 15 , 2017

ABVO Certifying Examination Application

The Certifying Examination Application is now open, follow the application instructions on this page.


October 6, 2017

ABVO Mentors/Chairs Meeting Agenda

Review the ABVO Mentor/Chair meeting agenda now.