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The ABVO is a Charter of the ACVO, charged with overseeing credentialing functions of the ACVO. It is an autonomous entity operating within the ACVO's bylaws and overseen by the AVMA's American Board of Veterinary Specialties.

The Credentials Committee exists to authenticate residents as qualified to sit for the ABVO Certifying examination. Its primary responsibility is to review resident's credential applications near the end of or following completions of the ABVO approved residents program. It determines the required documents that must be submitted to sit for the examinations. A Credentials Committee member serves at least a three year commitment, beginning at a fall Credentials training meeting, continuing through three applications cycles, completing the term following the final application cycle.

The ABVO exam is constructed, validated, assembled and administered by the Examination Committee. The committee consists of Diplomates recommended by the Examination Committee chairperson and approved by the ABVO. Membership of the Committee is designed to reflect the general Diplomate population with regards gender, number of years as a Diplomate and professional activity (academic vs. practice career). Three-year appointments are given to committee members. It is the Examination Committee's responsibility to assure the examination questions reflect professional activities expected of Diplomates.

The Residency Committee is responsible for developing the standards for educational program accreditation approval, providing directions to programs seeking accreditation, and granting accreditation to residency programs that satisfy the committee's requirements. The committee is responsible for certifying that a resident has successfully completed an approved residency program prior to being allowed to sit the certification examination.


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