(posted 9.15.17)

Dear ACVO Diplomates,
Over the past year, the American Board of Veterinary Ophthalmology (ABVO) Residency Committee (RC) and Board have been working on revisions to requirements for training an ABVO-approved resident.  This has also led to necessary changes in the ABVO Residency Training Program (RTP) Application form.   The revised Policies and Procedures document and RTP Application form have been finalized and released. 
The ABVO Residency revisions, as well as their objectives and rationale, are outlined below:

  • Revise the definition of Supervising Diplomates in ABVO RTPs to clarify RC expectations that they have sufficient time devoted to clinical practice to provide adequate Direct Supervision of Residents during their clinical training.
  • Introduce the designation of Associate Mentor to apply to all DACVOs involved in the training of Residents that do not meet the definition of Supervising Diplomate.This designation replaces the previously utilized External Participant designation, but will also be applicable to others, including DACVOs within the RTP institution whose clinical assignment does not meet the clinical contact minimums outlined in the RTP Application form.
  • Delineate minimum case examination and surgical case requirement for residents in ABVO RTPs.
    • These requirements have been in development since Spring 2016, and are based on input from ACVO Diplomates (via two surveys) and case and surgical logs of previous residents, as well as standards established by other veterinary and physician certification programs.
  • Reorganize the RTP Application and streamline the process of form completion by removing RTP “recommendations”.The new RTP Application form includes only RTP requirements.
    • It is envisioned that many of the previously stipulated recommendations, as well as other resources that may be helpful in developing ideal RTPs will be collated and made available to mentors and residents on the ABVO website.
  The ABVO RC and Board believe that these changes will serve to strengthen our RTPs to help ensure that those attaining ACVO Diplomate status are well-prepared specialists within our discipline. 
The ABVO RC and Board are open to questions and comments regarding these changes.  The revised Policies and Procedures document and RTP Application form have been finalized and are available on the website. 
ABVO Residency Committee Chairs
Dr. Tammy Miller
Dr. Phil Pickett
The American Board of Veterinary Ophthalmology
Dr. Ellison Bentley
Dr. Michael Davidson
Dr. Ian Herring (Chair)
Dr. David Maggs
Mr. Douglas Jack (Public Member)