Maintenance of Certification (MOC) was initiated by the ABVO after the American Board of Veterinary Specialties (ABVS) mandated MOC to the veterinary specialty colleges.  MOC is currently performed by our physician colleagues and displaying MOC enhances our status to our referring veterinarians, clients and the public.

Uniting as a group to display our specialty status, MOC will be planned every 5 years.  Diplomates certified in 2015 or later are mandated to participate in the MOC process. 

Over a 5 year period, Diplomates must accumulate at least 300 credits to earn their MOC.  Upon successful completion, a letter and dated MOC seal will be issued to each diplomate demonstrating their Maintenance of Certification. 

A spreadsheet will be used to collect the information for the points towards MOC.  MOC can be earned by attending the ACVO and other conferences applicable to veterinary ophthalmology, providing presentations, writing publications, attending journal or pathology rounds or peer review of journal articles.  Currently, the MOC committee is exploring online options for journal reading and quizzes.  The details of the application process are outlined below.

Diplomates for whom MOC is mandatory that fail to comply with MOC requirements will lose their DACVO, board certification status and all attendant rights and privileges. They will not be able to perform CAER examinations or train residents and they will be ineligible for membership in the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO).  These individuals will no longer be able to use their credentials or represent themselves as a specialist.

The application cycle has been moved back to the calendar year.  Maintenance of Certification for the years 2014 to 2018 information will be due January 31, 2019.  Diplomates who joined our college in 2013 will include the ACVO conference and their last 3 months of 2013 into their 2014 credits.  All other credits will be based on the calendar year.

The documents that are to be submitted will be available on the ABVO website.  Up to ten percent of applicants for MOC will be selected for audit. Those audited will be required to submit corroborative documentation (continuing education certificates, etc.). The MOC committee will review the documentation submitted and will notify the ABVO office and the candidate of the results by May 15th. Following successful review of the MOC application, an MOC status will be posted online.  The Diplomate will receive a MOC letter and seal for the next 5 year period.

For Diplomates who achieved board certification prior to 2015, participation in MOC is not required but we urge you to consider participating.  Your participation demonstrates to the public our dedication to our specialty ophthalmology college as providing the best and most up-to-date medical care for our veterinary patients. If a Diplomate who voluntarily recertifies through the MOC program does not subsequently maintain this status in future cycles, that individual will not be penalized nor will s/he lose board certification status.  Diplomates who participate in MOC either by mandate or voluntarily be designated as such to the public on the ACVO and ABVO websites.

The MOC committee thanks you for your participation in demonstrating to our clients and veterinary colleagues your commitment to continued education, excellence and dedication to veterinary ophthalmology.


MOC committee

The MOC application spreadsheet has been extensively updated and new applicants need to use the latest spreadsheet below.

MOC Application & payment form (updated 1.8.2019)

Download ABVO MOC excel worksheet to track hours (updated 1.8.2019)

"May Be Approved by ABVO MOC” credits or conferences need to be pre-approved by the MOC committee before application submission.

Definitions pertaining to Certification Status:

  • Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists: A board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist.
  • MOC: Maintenance of Certification. MOC ensures that Diplomates engage in life-long learning and continuous practice improvement, thereby providing the public with a credible indicator with which to evaluate commitment to this standard. The ABVO encourages all Diplomates to participate in MOC; however, this program is only required for Diplomates certified in 2015 or thereafter.
  • Board Certified (Non Time-Limited): Non Time-limited certificates awarded prior to 2015 do not require re-certification. However, the ABVO encourages all diplomates to voluntarily renew their certificates and participate in MOC.
  • Board Certified (Time-Limited): Diplomates certified by the ABVO in 2015 or later are certified for a period of 5 years, thereafter requiring certificate renewal via the MOC process.

MOC Process

The MOC process demonstrates to the public our engagement in continuous learning and professional development, in order to remain current with the evolution of clinical practice.  Maintenance of Certification (MOC) was mandated to the veterinary specialty colleges by the American Board of Veterinary Specialties (ABVS).

Adherence to the MOC program is required of all Diplomates of the ACVO who achieved board certification in 2015 or later in order to retain board-certified status.  Diplomates who achieved board-certification prior to 2015 are not required to submit to the ABVO MOC process, although they are encouraged to voluntarily do so.

The application consists of your contact information, board-certification year and includes spreadsheets that have been designed to calculate your MOC credits.  One time, you will need to collect 5 years of information on your conference CE credits earned, publications, lectures, rounds, journal article review for editorial boards and enter the information into the spreadsheet.  The credits are organized by calendar year.

Each year, the MOC committee encourages each person to update their information in the spreadsheet.  Your prior information can be copied and pasted into the new spreadsheet each 5 year application cycle. 

You only need to document 300 credits for each 5 year period and have evidence to prove the earning of those credits if you are audited by the MOC committee.  The spreadsheet will take your CE hours and count your publications, journal articles reviewed and other information for you. 

There is a master page of the spreadsheet where you can see how many credits are given for each professional activity.  These points have been determined by the MOC committee.  The MOC committee is continuing to work how to add other ways to accumulate MOC points.

Steps for Maintenance of Certification:

  1. Obtain the MOC spreadsheet from the website provided.
  2. Fill out application form in spreadsheet with your name, year boarded, dates of the 5 year review period (January 1st of the first year to December 31st of the fifth year).  Indicate if your MOC is voluntary or mandatory, and if you are a current ACVO member or not.  Provide your contact information with email and mailing address. 
  3. Sign the application form electronically
  4. Fill in the gray boxes on the spreadsheet with your information:
    1. Enter the years for your 5 year period (e.g. 2016, 2017, etc.)
    2. Enter your veterinary ophthalmology conference CE hours earned by meeting type in the MOC Credit spreadsheet by calendar year
    3. Enter the committee or editorial board participation that you have done per year
    4. Enter the date; journal, book or chapter publication; authors; publication title and indicate in ONE of the spreadsheet columns the publication type for credit per year
    5. Enter the date; presentation location (conference, course, etc.); presentation title and indicate in ONE of the spreadsheet columns the presentation type for credit per year
    6. Enter the date; journal name; first author and article title for each peer review for each year
    7. Enter the date; # hours of journal club / literature review or Pathology review performed and provide the names of the people in attendance
  5. The spreadsheet will calculate the credits earned by each of the above activities
  6. Submit the spreadsheet application online through the website application form.
  7. Pay the application fee.  This fee covers some of the costs associated with MOC process. ($50 total, or $10 per year seeking MOC).
  8. CE certificates and supporting information does not need to be provided unless you are in the < 10% of applications who are randomly audited by the MOC committee.
  9. If you are audited, you will be asked to provide supporting documentation of your MOC activities.

Once your MOC has been certified through the MOC application process every 5 years, you will receive a letter from the ABVO stating that they have completed the MOC accomplishment for the subsequent 5.5 years.  Your MOC will have an extra 0.5 years to cover the next application process time.  These Diplomates will be given a digital seal with the achieved years on the seal for display, and they will be listed on the ACVO and ABVO with a * and public explanation of the MOC process.  

We strongly encourage you to display your seal on your website, letterhead and communications to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to staying current with the field of veterinary ophthalmology.

Diplomates for whom MOC is mandatory (board certified 2015 or later) who fail to comply with MOC requirements will lose their board certification status and all attendant rights and privileges. These individuals will not be able to perform CAER examinations or train residents and they will be ineligible for membership in the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO).  These individuals will be removed from the ACVO and ABVO websites and will no longer be able to use their credentials or represent themselves as a specialist.

Persons with questions about the ABVO MOC program are encouraged to contact the ABVO office.