August 2018

Listed below are the candidates who have passed all three sections of examinations and were granted board certification status in July, 2018. They are now officially, 'ophthalmologists', 'specialists' and 'DACVO's'. They may use the following ACVO trademarks; 'DACVO' or 'Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists' as their credentials. Other trademarks owned by the ACVO are for use by ACVO current members only. New Diplomates will receive a complimentary membership to the ACVO for the rest of this calendar year.

Diplomate/Members: Please plan to attend the ACVO business meeting, Friday September 28th, during the ACVO annual conference in Minneapolis, MN to welcome and congratulate your colleagues!

Dr. Sydney Edwards
Dr. Katelyn Fentiman
Dr. Kristen Gervais
Dr. Stacey Halse
Dr. Amanda Heller
Dr. Carla Hibbs
Dr. Beth Kimmitt
Dr. Andrew Lewin
Dr. Todd Marlo
Dr. Jessica Martinez
Dr. Georgina Newbold
Dr. Silvia Pryor
Dr. Lionel Sebbag
Dr. Rachel Strauss
Dr. Hsiao-Hui Wang
Dr. Michael West
Dr. Doris Wu
Dr. Whitney Young