(Updated 9.17.2019)

5th - 6 month Supervising Diplomate & Resident Evaluations due to Residency Committee
15th - Credentials Exam applications duefrom anyone applying to take the ABVO Certifying Exam to Credentials Committee (midnight Mountain Time)
15th - Supervising Diplomate forms duefrom each supervising diplomate for first-time Credentials applicants (midnight Mountain Time) 
20th - Credentials notice to candidates
31st - 6 month Supervising Diplomate & Resident Evaluations are due to Residency Committee (temporary deadline for 2019, typically Jan. 5th)
31st - Maintenance of Certification applications due (voluntary and mandated Diplomates)

Exam Committee sends out test notices and registration/payment information to applicants

ABVO Spring board meeting

1st - ABVO Policies & Procedures changes updated
1st - Call for board nominations 
15th - Exam registration an dpayment due online
31st - Board nominations and materials due to office

1st - ABVO board member voting commences via online voting; Diplomates to receive on-line voting link via email
30th - ABVO board voting closes this evening 

New Board members will be announced on this web site in early July.
5th - Supervising Diplomate & Resident Evaluations are due to Residency Committee
27th - Image Recognition Exams at NC State (Raleigh, NC)
28th - Written Exams at NC State
27th - 31st - Practical Exams at NC State

New Diplomates notified of exam results
Exam result notification letters mailed to mentors
New Diplomates announced to ACVO and ABVO


6-9th ACVO Conference -Maui, Hawaii
  ABVO board meeting at ACVO conference
  Meeting between ACVO Diplomates and ABVO Members
15th - Credentials Exam applications open for next exam cycle

Rolling Deadlines
Residency Program Applications - Due a minimum of 90 or 120 days prior to the start of the program (see RTP application form, page 2, Application Instructions, item number 1)

Provisional Residency Applications - Due 30 days before the start of the program