(Updated 4.24.19)

The ACVO recently approved a new member benefit for its ACVO Members, to help approved ABVO residents with some of their costs toward one of two pre-approved, education courses attended during their residency program. If a resident's primary mentor is a current ACVO Member, they may apply for reimbursement of up to $500 in expenses toward attendance in the ACVO Basic Science Course; or the ACVO Vision for Animals Foundation Phaco Course (both held every other year). Neither course is provided nor required by the ACVO or ABVO.

1) Funds are not reimbursable for other courses. Requests cannot be retroactive, only submissions from courses attended April 2019 or later can be accepted.

2) Reimbursement will only be issued for ONE of the two approved courses, over the period of the residency program (not both).

3) Requests up to $500 could include direct expenses including: registration fees, flights, mileage, hotel or car rentals or food. All expenses must be due to attendance at the course and take place during the course dates. Receipts must be provided, attached to the reimbursement form.

To qualify for reimbursement residents must:

1) Currently be enrolled in an approved ABVO Residency program (3 or 4 years)

2) The resident's primary mentor must be a current ACVO member.

3) Submit for reimbursement before the end of the approved residency program.

4) Submit this online reimbursement form, including the completed excel summary sheet and scanned expense receipts, by December 15th of the year they attended the course. (One complete submission per resident, please do not submit more than one request for amounts totaling $500.)

Only complete requests will be processed, allow 2-3 weeks for payment receipt via check. Please contact the ABVO with any questions.